Snorkeling Basics

Snorkeling is fun-filled recreational activity that lets you observe amazing sea life using just mask, snorkel breathing tube and a pair of fins. Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tours are a cheap and fun way to explore the amazing world beneath the sea.

Swimming Skills

Even folks who aren’t strong swimmers will find that floating in salt water is easier than it may seem. The high salt content of seawater means your body is more buoyant than in fresh water. Add some comfortable, well-fitted snorkeling fins and you can keep going for hours. However, if you are not a confident swimmer, it may be best to take some basic lessons before taking to the seas. Safety is the number one rule of snorkeling, so avoid snorkeling alone and always stay alert to surrounding water conditions.

Snorkeling Gear

Basic snorkeling equipment consists of a mask or goggles, snorkel breathing tube and swim fins. All gear comes in a range of sizes and prices, but comfort and fit should be your first priority. If you’re snorkeling in cooler water, you may want to add a wetsuit or dive skin (which can also protect from the sun) to your list of necessary equipment. When using swim open-back swim fins, many people opt to wear diving booties. An inflatable snorkeling vest provides an added level of safety.

Getting Your Gear On

It’s best to try out snorkeling first in a swimming pool or in shallow water off a beach before you head out on Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tours. First make sure your mask is not too loose or too tight around the nose eyes and that it is free of fog. All of the mouthpiece should fit comfortably in the mouth. Test fins for snugness; you may put them on either in or out of the water.

Keeping Gear Clear

If your mask gets foggy, use a defogging product or simply spit into the mask and then rinse out. Prepare the snorkel by securing to the mask with its clip and making sure the tube can be adjusted for comfort. Masks and snorkels occasionally fill with water from open waves or splashes. To clear a mask, simply lift your head clear of the water and pull forward on the front of the mask, while a snorkel can be cleared by exhaling a strong breath out through your mouth.

Starting Out

Once your gear is in place and comfortable, you’re ready to take off. First, put your head in the water and practice breathing through the snorkel; although it may feel peculiar at first, just relax and you’ll quickly get used to the sensation. Kick off with the fins and you’re on your way; the easiest kick to use is the basic flutter kick, keeping a slow and comfortable pace. The dolphin kick, in which both legs sweep up and down together, is another form of propulsion. Arms should be kept at your sides to reduce drag. Once you’ve mastered basic techniques in the pool, you can start off practicing in a sheltered by or cove before setting off on an exciting Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour of local reefs and dive spots. After you’ve mastered the art of snorkeling along the surface, you can try some more advanced maneuvers like diving below the surface either feet-first or head-first.